Saturday, January 7, 2012

John Carey - fiftyfootshadows

Letting Go
©2008-2012 John Carey

John Carey's photographs are a sparkling new source of inspiration! Each piece endeavors to capture an emotion. It's as if that emotion was a cloud that engulfed the photographer and subjects but fled the moment the photo was taken. In that way there's a certain sadness to some of his work. A sense of nostalgia maybe.

Bus Light
©2008-2012 John Carey

On, Carey includes in depth blog posts along with his images. These posts are often beautiful accompaniments to the featured photo. In one such post he notes the following when commmenting on the image above.

"My favorite kind of light to shoot is fleeting. It consistently appears like a ghost passing through my awareness. Soft, delicate reflections that drift slower than our patience will usually allow us to notice moving until its gone."

Carey is generous to the art community and ran a contest for a Holga 120N (among other goodies), last December. You can find desktop-ready versions of some of his photographs for free, on his site.

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