Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jina Bolton and Meagan Fisher - Art in My Coffee

Art and food have a long history together. Now coffee can claim to a be part of that relationship. Jina Bolton and Meagan Fisher are web designers that started this sweet blog that, in their words, is "a collection of foamy awesomeness".

Some design/dev/art observations:
- A sprite was used in a clever way for the header. This is beneficial because it takes less time to load the content on their homepage.
- My first action when I arrived was to try and click on the images to get more information. The problem I ran into was that text appears when I rolled over them which prevented me from clicking. The designers solved this issue by putting a "link" image over the text.
- The colors are warm and friendly and allow the pics to pop.
- Beautiful use of serif fonts!
- I appreciate the FAQ on the site. It seems like they are very open to answering questions from fellow bloggers.
- I can't believe people can make portraits in coffee!

© 2011 Marie Dionne

And now I'm going to grab a cup at the local coffeehouse. Hopefully the barista will be feeling creative!

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